A Menstruating Woman – Why She Can’t Fast in Islam.

Hello and lets bust a VERY common myth, that seems to be on the rise these days, AGAIN. MENSTRUATING WOMEN CANNOT FAST OR PRAY BECAUSE PERIOD BLOOD IS GROSS. How many of us have been looked at with disgust when trying to pray (Tasbeeh and Dhikr) by our aunts and cousins ? That look of … Continue reading A Menstruating Woman – Why She Can’t Fast in Islam.


Duas from the Quran

MABROOK ! The Blessed Month is upon us, Alhamdulillah. This is a collection of duas from the Quran, made by prophets, angels and people in need, throughout the stories in the Quran. May Allah accept our prayers this Ramadan, and may we find the best of ourselves, with His guidance, Ameen. Let me mention, that there … Continue reading Duas from the Quran

Yayy !

I am soooo very happy to announce that I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award ! This is soo cool and I am so very thankful to Mr. Laurence from Global security !!! It means a lot to be recognized for something I only just started, such a short while ago ! I got nominated last … Continue reading Yayy !