Yayy !

I am soooo very happy to announce that I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award ! This is soo cool and I am so very thankful to Mr. Laurence from Global security !!! It means a lot to be recognized for something I only just started, such a short while ago ! I got nominated last … Continue reading Yayy !


What Happened When I Put A Scarf On.

As a teenager growing up in Saudi Arabia, wearing a headscarf came naturally to me. Even then, when we flew back home to India, we would all get our hair cut and styled just before. I didn't start hijab until almost a decade later. January 2012. As a new year's resolution. There was a bunch … Continue reading What Happened When I Put A Scarf On.

Day 12

Disclaimer : To talk about men I am attracted to, and not mention the husband, would be blasphemy of the highest order. Therefore, to not hurt his feelings and because it is totally true  - ALL the men I find attractive are actually less attractive than he is.  As I think of it, attraction doesn't … Continue reading Day 12