Day 18

A problem that I have had. I can't even remember how far back I developed this habit of procrastinating. Projects, tests, events, assignments - you name it and I procrastinated for every single one of them. It kind of gives me a thrill, to get work done by the last minute. ESPECIALLY if there is a … Continue reading Day 18

Day 16 – Something I always feel ‘what if’ about.

There will always be a question in my mind. No matter how happy I am. Or sad. Or mad. How high up in my life I am, or low. How loved I feel or disliked. And this question will continue to have a power over me, unless I channel it into something positive.  Why do … Continue reading Day 16 – Something I always feel ‘what if’ about.

Day 12

Disclaimer : To talk about men I am attracted to, and not mention the husband, would be blasphemy of the highest order. Therefore, to not hurt his feelings and because it is totally true  - ALL the men I find attractive are actually less attractive than he is.  As I think of it, attraction doesn't … Continue reading Day 12

Pet peeves. Top five pet peeves. 5

Day 7

A pet peeve is defined as something that a particular person finds especially annoying. My definition is a little different - something someone does, that makes you want to hit them in the throat. Or something that makes you want to shriek so loud, that the sun loses it's gravitational stability,  subsequently making the planets fall … Continue reading Day 7