Duas from the Quran

MABROOK ! The Blessed Month is upon us, Alhamdulillah. This is a collection of duas from the Quran, made by prophets, angels and people in need, throughout the stories in the Quran. May Allah accept our prayers this Ramadan, and may we find the best of ourselves, with His guidance, Ameen. Let me mention, that there … Continue reading Duas from the Quran

act kindly towards women

Muslim women – Enslaved or Empowered ?

Women in Islam, often synonymous to the Arab concept of ‘purdah’, have been unveiled, ironically, by nearly every media house and spokesperson. Even laymen, with little to zero knowledge of Islam, claim with confidence that only a specialist would have, that Islam oppresses its women. In the vexations that surround topics such as these, Muslims … Continue reading Muslim women – Enslaved or Empowered ?