Day 12

Disclaimer : To talk about men I am attracted to, and not mention the husband, would be blasphemy of the highest order. Therefore, to not hurt his feelings and because it is totally true  – ALL the men I find attractive are actually less attractive than he is. 

As I think of it, attraction doesn’t really have much of a meaning to it. Unless you’re speaking physics, all it means is the action of evoking interest. And so, it doesn’t necessarily have to be aesthetic in nature. It could be of any form. I could find an average looking guy attractive and to you, just the very idea would seem repulsive. A lot of women find wide built guys attractive and I couldn’t care less. So if you’re expecting to see men you think are hot, please be reminded this is my list of guys I find attractive and you don’t have to agree. But please do let me know in the comments or by email, which guys you find attractive and why ! I’d love to know !

*I know I’ve lost 50% of the readers by now ‘cuz  they know for sure Channing Tatum isn’t going to show up on this list, but oh well.


While we all know Zac Efron is the perfect guy or Theo James or James Franco or Chris Pratt or Robert Downy Junior or Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston, there’s other things to think about when considering attraction. I mean you can’t always look pretty, which is why you GOTTA carry brains along with a great package (IYKWIM). *Totally not saying the beautiful men mentioned above lack anything at all, but you catch my drift… hopefully.


23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Justin Trudeau. #1.


Beauty. Brains. Power. Some failed policies but everyone makes mistakes (I’m terribly biased). But SO EFFING COOL OMG. This HAS to be the coolest president USA has  had !

I’ve always been an admirer of ‘modest confidence’. You know when you know you’re the shit ? But walk around with JUST the right amount of confidence so that you don’t seem arrogant at all ? THAT’S what does it for me. Along with the perfect fitted suits obviously.

44th President of the United States of America. Barack Obama. #2.


ANYBODY who knows me, knew he was gonna be on the list. For those of you who don’t know him, Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars of the Indian film Industry. With an estimated fan following of 3.6 billion (half the world), he is also a spokesperson for various social causes and a goodwill ambassador for South Korea.

Indian Actor. Shah Rukh Khan. #3.


Many of you may not know who this is, but Anderson Cooper is the flag bearer for libertarian journalism. A primary news anchor for CNN, his ideologies and efforts have helped minorities reach a standard point of acceptance from the masses. Interestingly, he was also moderator for the second presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, which made me like him even better !

CNN News reporter. Anderson Cooper. #4.


Neil Patrick Harris is a definite badass. But even so, I think I’m more attracted to Barney Stinson, than I am to NPH. Kind of sad and a little embarrassing because I mean… Barney Stinson ain’t even real. Don’t ask. Don’t hate.

Character. How I Met Your Mother. Sitcom. Barney Stinson. #5.



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