Day 11

family drives you crazy

Today’s challenge wants me to talk about my family. A fun topic, but I’m gonna try and be as objective as I can. ‘Cuz I mean, I’m meeting them for Christmas and I don’t wanna be stuck with all the dirty dishes so… MY FAMILY IS GREAT  !

We’re a pretty democratic family, though the Title of Head of House is a floating one. Only between two people, ofc. Mom and Dad. My little sister and I, not so much. We just happen to be regular citizens – sometimes in a democracy, sometimes in a dictatorship… Hubbykins seems to have a lot more rights than the two of us combined though. I must look into that.

I’m not going to paint my family as a perfect one and make it sound like we got the best deal in the world. ‘Cuz we put in a lot of work. We’re a family of four VERY opinionated, VERY strong and VERY self centered people. We get into debates, arguments and disagreements all the time. But what I LOVE is that we’re okay with that. My parents have always been very inclusive of us, in all family decisions. We vote on it, occasionally the folks veto and all faith is lost in them. But they always manage to regain it with a 10 minute stop at Baskin Robbins.

This past year though, has been very different as far as families are concerned. I’ve moved in with the hubby and we’ve been having a ball over the last year and so now I feel like he’s my eternal family. Despite having had one already. But I guess that’s just how things work.

With the addition of hubby, along came with him his family of four. His mom, dad and sister. And with his sister came her family of four. And it’s strange how these people are today, incredibly special to me – not just because of my relationship with them through the husband, but also ‘cuz they made and still make enormous efforts to keep me included. I didn’t get to choose my own family, but I did get to choose this one. And I love both. Would be unfair to say the same, because it can’t be – but it’s close enough. And we’re okay with that.

‘Cuz when you think about it, that’s what family is all about – knowing your imperfections and faults, and loving you unconditionally anyway. ALWAYS give thanks for your family. And if you know someone without one, be their family ! All it takes is love and only love !

Also, pretty sure my mom would get upset if I didn’t mention the newest member of her/my family :- Mao.





2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Maria Kidwai says:

    That was surely short n sweet!! The best part our new member!!
    Just remembered the speech your sibling gave on ‘My Family’ in LKg.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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